Premium health care complex

100% organic product

Fully organic product combines vitamins, micro/macro elements and amino acids your body needs.

It is created without the use of synthetic additives, is absolutely safe, has no contraindications, and is not addictive. That is why there is no limited course of administration. You can use our complex throughout your life!

Why is it unique?

The composition of our complex is based on a combination of the beneficial properties of spirulina microalgae, humic substances, fulvic acids, fish oil, curcumin and many other natural components. All this is packaged so that one set is enough for a month of admission.

Create & Activate

Our Create & Activate know-how

You will not only get the necessary components, but also activate them, intensify their work in order to get the maximum benefit. Create - saturates with vitamins, micro / macro elements, and Activate - launches processes in your body aimed at its renewal and restoration.

Agar-agar capsule

Unique gravitational seamless encapsulation technology

A soft capsule made from Agar-Agar itself has a beneficial effect on the body, retains all the properties of the active components. Gravity encapsulation eliminates mechanical stress as well as the influence of high temperatures.

The patented technology

Our technology of encapsulation of microalgae in live form makes the product 100% digestible (unlike tablets or powder) and increases the efficiency several times!

The active substance is placed in olive oil of the highest quality, which allows you to store the product in active form.

How can it help?

See the benefits of our product:

Cleans the blood

Will improve your blood vessels condition, and cleans the blood. This will allow the circulation of essential substances throughout the body.

Restores the liver

And cleanses it of toxins. You will receive a powerful natural filter that will prevent harmful substances from entering your body.

All day energy

You will be able to better tolerate stress and sleep well. At the same time, feel vigor and energy during the day

Relieves of allergies

Relieves of seasonal allergies, the effects of synthetic drugs and heavy medications


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Nutritrend Co. is officially registered in Singapore and has all the necessary certificates and permits for conducting business. The manufacturer of our products is the Kazakh-Swiss company Bioteknistik.


Nutritrend's products are manufactured as per the highest ISO22000 quality standard and comply with all international safety standards. Products are certified in Singapore.


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We will ship your order within a few hours after your payment. You will receive a tracking number for your package. Usually, shipping within Singapore takes 1-2 days from the time of shipment.



What are you getting?

A set of our Create and Active products lovingly packed in a beautiful box. Each set is accompanied by instructions for use, as well as all the necessary information.

Choose Program

1 month package

3 months package

Includes 1 set of Nutritrend Create & Activate premium health care complex.



Includes 3 sets of Nutritrend Create & Activate premium health care complex. 3 months is recommended time period to receive all health benefits from the complex.



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Made by Nature

Premium health care complex